The Karma Family

Karma Kava is not just an ordinary kava bar. We believe in making the right choices with everything we do; how we source our products, treat our customers, and what we do to improve and enhance the lives of those around us.


Jhon Gaona is the all-star manager of Karma Kava and his passion for Kava can be seen, and felt, the moment you walk through the doors of Karma. Jhon’s core values are honesty and integrity of word, and his commitment to excellence is his driving force. Originally from Colombia, Jhon has been instilled with strong family values and making Karma feel like family is what he strives for daily. 



Natajah Fuller is an amazing addition to the Karma Kava team. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and has lived in Florida since 2013. When you see her behind the bar, feel free to refer to her by her nickname “Taj.”  Natajah’s favorite drink at Karma is the Pacific Punch and her favorite color is blue… so don’t be surprised to see her serving up our famous Blue Raspberry flavored tea. She would love to one day travel to a few countries in Africa, but she may have a difficult time finding a place to serve her favorite food, pizza. 



Digby Nothard, AKA “Big Daddy Digby” is an unstoppable powerhouse with unending energy and passion for Karma. He is known in the community for his outstanding ability to get things done, and provides a level of service that is to be admired. Digby is a former competitive swimmer and is likely the reason for his incredible endurance behind the bar, and rocking with the late night crew. 



Shelbey Chiavari is perhaps best known for her sunny disposition and mesmerizing eyes. She’s a local favorite, and can be seen behind the bar every Wednesday morning. Shelbey is a mother to a precious little girl, and this gives her an incredible ability to multi-task with unending patience. Shelbey is also a local business owner, and spends most of her time working at her bakery, PAC Pastries, in Wilton Manors. 



Mario Russo has earned the reputation at Karma Kava for keeping the party hopping and organizing great group “BULAS.” Mario is originally from Brooklyn, NY and moved to sunny Florida in 2006. When Mario isn’t keeping it real at Karma, he might be found dining on a nice steak in a nearby restaurant. Mario loves the color blue, so you might find him serving up the potent and flavorful blue Painkiller from our menu. Mario’s sense of adventure has  inspired his travels, including a RV trip to Colorado.



There is not enough room on the internet to describe how delightful Meera Supan is, but regular visitors of Karma already understand. Meera was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, and is a bit of a local celebrity. Her favorite color is “Earthy Green” and that radiates through her personality. Meera loves cats. In fact, she has two, a black cat named Jiji and a Siamese named Jasper. Karma loves dogs. But somehow it just works. Meera loves all types of cuisine, but is very particular about her favorite drink at Karma… a shot of kava chased with coconut water. In her free time, Meera enjoys cooking, baking and painting, and can be found one day doing all three in Thailand, a place she plans to visit in the future. 



Ryan Sutherland is a most welcome addition to the Karma family. As a long-time patron and member of our little community, he felt the energy and vibe of Karma was the best fit for him to play a role in serving our Kava community. Ryan is an amazing artist and photographer, and this resonates well with our team. Hard work, commitment to excellence, and never backing down from a challenge are characteristics that help define Ryan. He is a true gem, and you will be happy to have him take care of you.



John White is the co-founder/owner of Karma Kava, and to see him behind the bar is quite a spectacle, often requiring the help from his generous teammates. John is originally from Michigan, but has also lived in Colorado and New York before settling down in South Florida around 10 years ago. John’s favorite food can be found on Karma’s menu, and is a toss-up between the truffle fries and the popcorn chicken. His favorite drink at Karma is the Pacific Punch.

SIGNATURE DRINK: Pineapple Express